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Are you thinking of taking a sea trip to Turkey? Do you want to have the advantage of enjoying the experience of a close-knit team accustomed to meeting everyone's wishes in the preparation of their trip?

How about having the privilege to make a stay designed by professionals who practiced the profession of tour guide in Turkey for many years before devoting themselves to the design and organization of your travels, and who therefore know how to analyze each request and each situation so to respond quickly?

How about having the opportunity to benefit from an experience of more than 20 years? Wouldn't you like to be followed, helped and advised throughout your stay?

If so, choose Bella Yachting!

To make our acquaintance is to opt for the difference in the realization of your trip. You will enjoy a holiday that will go well beyond a simple stay under a beautiful sun or a simple tourist visit. We will take you on the paths of discovery and make you dream among the many historical and natural attractions of the country. You will choose us on the one hand because we will help you get the trip you have always dreamt of but also because the originality we bring to our travels does not make them more expensive than the usual classic trips. The Bella Yachting team, with almost 20 years of experience in the field, knows how to prepare sea travel with the best know-how and always at a reasonable cost. In addition, Bella Yachting is able to provide all its services at the best prices. With us, for example, you will also have the opportunity to take another look at Istanbul, to live the light and poetic rhythms of the Turkish coastline under the starry sky of the summer months. Even before arriving in Turkey, you can contact us directly for information on festivals and other cultural events, make your reservations, and buy tickets in advance for concerts for which it is difficult to find places. As you can see, we are proud and happy to put our experience and creativity at your service. And we are sure you will make amazing and unforgettable memories of your trip to Turkey with us.

For more detailed information on Turkey and the possible trips we can offer, you can browse our website, contact us by e-mail or phone, or even visit our offices. We will be happy to welcome you, to inform you and to fully meet your expectations and desires. You will be amazed at the way and speed with which we find the even the most complex solution or solutions adapted to your trip.

For groups of friends and families enjoying sailing and sea trips, it is possible to charter and privatize complete boats, for a route of your choice, and therefore to combine holidays and passion. So do not hesitate to contact us and ask us all the questions you have about it! We have schooners that sail perfectly with a professional and friendly crew.

Bella Yachting FAVORITES YACHTS Line
Marmaris Dea Del Mare
€ 1.250
  • icon1 TYPE Luxe Gulets
  • icon2 LOA 6.90 m. / 22.50 ft
  • icon3 GUESTS 10 Peoples
€ 3.000
  • icon1 TYPE Delux Gulets
  • icon2 LOA 9 m. / 29.50 ft
  • icon3 GUESTS 12 Peoples
Fethiye Lagoon 42 YS
€ 700
  • icon1 TYPE Catamaran
  • icon2 LOA 7,70m / 25'3''
  • icon3 GUESTS 8 Peoples
€ 360
  • icon1 TYPE Bareboats
  • icon2 LOA 4,18 m
  • icon3 GUESTS 10 Peoples
€ 350
  • icon1 TYPE Bareboats
  • icon2 LOA 4,35 m
  • icon3 GUESTS 10 Peoples
Marmaris Oguzhan
€ 1.250
  • icon1 TYPE Luxe Gulets
  • icon2 LOA 8 m
  • icon3 GUESTS 12 Peoples
Bodrum Caner 4
€ 2.100
  • icon1 TYPE Delux Gulets
  • icon2 LOA 8.15 m. / 26.50 ft
  • icon3 GUESTS 12 Peoples
Bodrum Yeliz 2
€ 375
  • icon1 TYPE Economic Gulets
  • icon2 LOA 4.75 m. / 15.50 ft
  • icon3 GUESTS 6 Peoples
Marmaris Murat 2
€ 1.100
  • icon1 TYPE Luxe Gulets
  • icon2 LOA 7,10 m.
  • icon3 GUESTS 8 Peoples
€ 1.250
  • icon1 TYPE Luxe Gulets
  • icon2 LOA 6.50 m. / 21.50 ft
  • icon3 GUESTS 8 Peoples
Fethiye Ali Kaptan
€ 750
  • icon1 TYPE Standart Gulets with A/C
  • icon2 LOA 7
  • icon3 GUESTS 12 Peoples
Bella Yachting LASTED BLOG Line
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Office rules
Regular disinfecting of office surfaces throughout the day
Regular hand disinfection and hand washing
Contactless payment preferred
We wear masks when in contact with guests
Observe social distancing guidelines (1m apart)
Only one guest will be allowed in the office

Rules on board
Fogging with ecologically friendly formula and disinfecting of the interior after return of each charter 
Disinfecting of all inside surfaces,the boat exterior and lockers including cushions
Guests will be required to wear masks and fever meter will be used
Guests will be asked to sanitize their hands and bring their own disinfectants
Guests will be provided with local emergency numbers

We look forward to welcoming you on board and hope you're all staying safe and sane!












Ofis kuralları
Gün içerisinde ofisimizi defalarca dezenfektanla temizliyoruz
Düzenli şekilde ellerimizi yıkıyor ve dezenfekte ediyoruz
Ödemeleri temassız şekilde alıyoruz
Müşterilerimizle görüşürken maska kullanıyoruz
Ofisteki tüm görüşmelerimizde 1 metrelik sosyal mesafemizi koruyoruz
Ofiste görüşmelerimizi yaparken yalnızca 1 kişi olmasına dikkat ediyoruz

Denizdeki kurallar
Seyirden gelen her teknemizi ekolojik dezenfektan maddelerle temizlemeye devam ediyoruz. 
Teknemizin içini, dışını, kişiye temas eden tüm yüzeyleri (yastık dahil) dezenfekte ediyoruz.
Misafirlerimize maske ve eldiven kurallarını hatırlatıyor ve teknemize alırken ateş ölçüyoruz.
Misafirlerimize kendi el dezenfektanlarını getirmelerini rica ediyor, yerel acil durum telefonlarını paylaşıyoruz. 

Sizleri teknelerimizde ağırlamayı bekliyor, sağlıklı günler diliyoruz!