About us

Bella Yachting is the leading website for boat rentals on the internet. It is the ideal boat rental solution for all your different needs.

Bella Yachting was established in 1998. We are a company that operates with its experienced staff in boat rental services as well as buying and selling new and old boats. All you need to know about Bella Yachting is that since our establishment, we held dear our goal of providing quality and reliable services and we continue to define the trends of the sector. Our goal is to make people fall in love with the sea by introducing them to the right boat.

We believe that a company is only a reflection of the people who build it. That's why our team is united under the values of travel, love of the sea and boating. We work with passion and have only one goal: to bring the pleasure of boating to the greatest number of people. Excellence, innovation and passion are the keywords of our company. Our team, which has extensive knowledge and experience about the sea, is a team that immediately understands what the customers want, and based on that directs them towards an unforgettable experience. Working with the world's leading yacht manufacturers, our company is a company that makes its name in the sector on a national and international level. In addition to yacht sales, our company is growing day by day offering yacht charter, cabin and cruise chartering services. Our experienced representatives will help you choose the best yacht for your trip and the friendly crew that will accompany you on board will take care of all your needs. The great quality of our services guarantees the most comfortable and exciting holiday. We provide your group with highly experienced and multilingual staff, no matter which area you choose to visit during your cruise. We will take care of you and make sure you have a great holiday. Our team has a vast knowledge of the region that allows us to organize the most interesting trip that will include the most spectacular natural and historical sites.

We define ourselves as a company with strong references and that looks forward to the future with great confidence. We are a dynamic and professional company specializing in yacht charter for the famous Blue Cruise in the most popular yachting destinations - the south west coast of Turkey, Greece, Croatia and Montenegro. Bella Yachting was created to give you the remarkable sailing experience that you deserve. Our company is a true nautical community of enthusiasts wishing to share their boating experiences and recommendations with as many people as possible. There are already thousands who trust Bella Yachting, so do not wait any longer and come along. If you are curious about what others say about Bella Yachting and want to join our growing community, do not hesitate to share this page and join us on Instagram. We speak several languages do not hesitate to contact us for any information.




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