Turkey's Destination:
The official name is the Republic of Turkey. A large part of the land is in Anatolia and a small part is in Thrace. Turkey is surrounded by sea on three sides,It consists of two peninsulas separated from Istanbul and the Çanakkale.
These straits separate Anatolia from Thrace, that is, Asia from Europe. Turkey, the Mediterranean and its extension is parallel with the long coast of the Aegean Sea
is a favorite destination for foreign tourists.
*Importance of Hospitality in Turkish Culture:
Hospitality has an important place in Turkish culture.This culture is a culture that has been transferred from generation to generation for many years.
The importance of hospitality in our culture is better understood than history.Our ancestors lived nomadic life for years They always opened their doors to the guests
Even today, when we need help, we can knock on a door and ask for help. Even the words used by our elders we can see how important it is for the of hospitality in our Turkish culture.
* Turkish Culinary Culture:
The richness of the variety in Turkish cuisine depends on many factors. In short, the diversity of products offered by the Central Asian and Anatolian lands, 
the interaction with many different cultures throughout the historical process, New tastes developed in the palaces of Empires such as Selcuk and Ottoman,
kitchen has played a role in gaining new structure of our culture. 
Turkish cuisine, healthy and balanced diet with many types of food there are examples of vegetarian cuisine.
1-) Soup
2-) Kebabs
3-) Stews
4-) Pans
5-) Pastries
6-) Milky Desserts
7-) Olive oil stuffed
8-) Rice
9-) Compotes
10-) Foods before coffee
*Turkish Gift to the World:Tulip
By Turkey, brought to Anatolia from the Pamir Mountains in Central Asia and Spreading around the world tulip. 
Tulip with bulbous and herbaceous plant, It was brought to Anatolia by the Turks by migration from Central Asia.Starting from the 12th century in Anatolia
Tulips used as ornamentation in handicrafts, after this period in poetry, story, novel, miniature, and Sufism while processing as the main subject
mosque decorations, motifs of ball casts, carpet-rug patterns, war helmets, kaftans, inscriptions, handkerchiefs, skirts, chests of dowry, the were embroidered.
Tulip is the symbol of Turkey. He was taken to Europe in the second half of the 15th century.
Second half of the 1500s It reached Vienna, Austria, and then the Netherlands.
This flower, which  became popular in the Netherlands. Tulips through Canada's capital Ottawa it became known all over the world.
In Canada, the Netherlands and Japan, the last stop of this long journey, festivals are held every year in the name of this famous flower of Anatolia.

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