There is almost no one who comes to Kas and does not participate in boat tours. Traveling around Kaş by boat is so pleasant that there is no problem to make the same route many times. Moreover, you can also tour different routes by boat. Due to the rocky nature of Kaş, the fact that there are few natural beaches and remarkable places that can only be seen from the sea increases the interest in boat tours. Thanks to these tours, you see both the ancient ruins and the opportunity to swim in many beautiful bays that you cannot reach from the land. 
The most popular boat tour is Kekova Tour. Kekova, the island where the famous sunken city. In this route, you can see Kaleköy and various bays outside the sunken city, and swim in plenty of sea. that one of the most beautiful boat trip made in Turkey ... Apart from Kekova Tour, the most preferred tours are the Islands and Kaputaş Tour. You travel around the tiny islands around Kaş and enter the sea. Kaputaş Tour is usually arranged according to special demand. With this tour, you can swim at Kaputaş beach and visit the blue cave.

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