Cabin charter

The coastline of the southwest corner of Turkey is one of the most beautiful cruise areas in the world. It presents cruises in a splendid environment of natural or historical attractions, secure anchors within easy reach of one another, a constant smoothness of breeze and a fair certainty that the sun will shine for your holidays. Good food, fresh fruits and vegetables and a clear unpolluted water will be waiting for you to enjoy. The locals are extremely hospitable and, if the water becomes too overwhelming, the opportunity to have a night on the city is always on the table. Most attractions in the world offer one or more of these opportunities for the vacationer. But Turkey presents it all and has even more to give: over 3000 years of history and culture in a land where East merges with the West. The climatic conditions are generally so favorable that it is common, from the Aegean coasts, to see, on the horizon, snow-covered peaks.

If you want to enjoy all that but still do not want to rent a private boat, you can realize your cruises by reserving cabin rentals. For cabin charter, you will share the schooner with other passengers of different nationalities. That way, you will have the opportunity to meet people you would not have the chance to meet otherwise. All you have to do is specify a favorite destination and leave the rest for us.

The idea seems interesting for you? It's simple: you book a cabin with your private shower room, just as you would on a cruise liner. But instead of being in the midst of thousands of passengers, you are on board only with a select few, while your professional crew takes care of the boat and a chef prepares all your meals. The menus incorporate the variety and flavors of the local cuisine. It is even possible for your crew to fish for tuna so you can enjoy it on your plate for the most delicious dinner!

Our system will provide you with different cabin charter prices to help you compare prices and choose the one fitting within your budget. Our database for charter cabins, sailing and charter yachts offers you many possibilities for renting a cabin. Find your holiday boat here and we will take care of the rest. You would decide if you would like a cheap charter cabin or a more exclusive one and we would make it happen.

Your holidays on a sailboat are waiting for you! No matter in which destination you want to visit, you don't have to rent a boat, you will find in our database the perfect cabin rental in a sailing yacht or motor yacht that suits you the best. We offer various possibilities like Fethiye cabin charter, Bodrum cabin charter, Kemer cabin charter, Gocek Cabin charter and others depending on where you are and where you want to go. We can even organize trips with different stops along the way. The charter cabin is easy with Bella Yachting!

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