• BRAND Sunseeker
  • YEAR 2013
  • CABIN 3 Cabins
  • LENGHT 1835 Mt. / Ft.
  • FLAG United Kingdom

  • Sales Price € 680.000
    $ 748.924 £ 580.967 4.300.320 TL
€ 950.000
  • BRAND Princess
  • YEAR 2007
  • CABIN 4 Cabins
  • LENGHT 22,4 Mt. / Ft.
  • FLAG Turkey

  • Sales Price € 950.000
    $ 1.046.290 £ 811.646 6.007.800 TL
€ 320.000
  • BRAND Cranchi
  • YEAR 2017
  • CABIN 3 Cabins
  • LENGHT 15,52 Mt. / Ft.

  • Sales Price € 320.000
    $ 352.435 £ 273.396 2.023.680 TL
  • BRAND Beneteau
  • YEAR 2006
  • CABIN 4 Cabins
  • LENGHT 13,07 Mt. / 42 Ft.
  • FLAG Turkey

  • Sales Price € 250.000
    $ 275.340 £ 213.591 1.581.000 TL
  • BRAND Conam
  • YEAR 1997
  • CABIN 2 Cabins
  • LENGHT 11,98 Mt. / 40 Ft.
  • FLAG Italy

  • Sales Price € 75.000
    $ 82.602 £ 64.077 474.300 TL
€ 340.000
  • BRAND Azimut
  • YEAR 2007
  • CABIN 3 Cabins
  • LENGHT 14,93 Mt. / 46 Ft.
  • FLAG Turkısh

  • Sales Price € 340.000
    $ 374.462 £ 290.484 2.150.160 TL
€ 150.000
  • BRAND Ferretti
  • YEAR 1993
  • CABIN 3 Cabins
  • LENGHT 1408 Mt. / 43 Ft.
  • FLAG Crotia

  • Sales Price € 150.000
    $ 165.204 £ 128.155 948.600 TL
€ 330.000
  • BRAND Feretti
  • YEAR 2002
  • CABIN 3 Cabins
  • LENGHT 14,8 Mt. / 48 Ft.
  • FLAG Turkey

  • Sales Price € 330.000
    $ 363.448 £ 281.940 2.086.920 TL

Yachts for sale

The yacht is a high-end pleasure boat. The yacht etymology comes from the Dutch word "Jacht" (which means "hunt") and refers to the ships that the Navy of the Dutch Republic used to hunt pirates. Then the word yacht was popularized by Charles II of England as a pleasure boat. Today, the word yacht encompasses all pleasure crafts whether it is a sailing boat or has a motor. It no longer only defines luxury boats.

The lengths of a yacht usually ranges from 10 to several tens of meters. The boats smaller than this size are called cruise ships. Of course, the superyacht also falls into this category, we would mention here as an example of yachts with motors the Azzam which measures 180 meters in length and Sailing Yacht A which measures 142 meters as an example for sailing yachts. The number of motor yachts is increasing considerably, each year more than 200 new models of motor yacht are introduced to the market. There are five main categories of motor yacht: DayCruiser Yacht, Weekender Yacht, Cruise Yachts, Sport Fishing Yachts and Luxury Yachts. These boats have inboard engines and generally offer great comfort.

Buying a used yacht is, each time, a moment when passion tends to prevail over reason. In order to avoid disappointments and deceptiions, it is important not to hurry, not to rush into the business, to be afraid to miss his crush and think carefully about his plan.

To help you with this decision, Bella Yachting presents its portal for new and used boats sale in Europe and worldwide - Turkey or elsewhere. From now on sale and purchase are possible on our website. Find your ideal yacht for sale, compare prices and receive by email the new ads that match your search. Buying a boat has never been easier. The best yacht prices for sale can only be found on our website.

In our company we cover a wide range of yacht types for sale. If you are looking for high quality comfort and incomparable performance in the sea, you would like our selection of luxury yachts for sale. If you’re rather the kind to want a closer feel of the water, we’d recommend you take a look at our Sailing Yachts for Sale. We also present other boats on our website such as Motoryachts for Sale, Catamarans for Sale, Gulets for Sale.

We have a range of several used and new boats and schooners for sale that is suitable for every budget. If you do not see any boats and schooners that suit you on this sale list, please contact us and give us some information about the boat or schooner you wish to purchase. We will do our best to find your dream boat or schooner.

When you buy a boat using our website, you can be sure about the protection of your information and transactions because we are a yachting agency that is registered and authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism. In Turkey, it is compulsory to obtain a license from the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism as a yacht charter operator. There are many charter yacht companies on the web. Beware of yacht charter companies without a license for your financial security.

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