Yacht Charter Cancellation Policy

Our company has five groups of boats operating in economic,standard, luxe, deluxe and superior class. In private boat rental, the most suitable choice according to the number of budget cabins and boat features is also provided by us. After making the best choice of boat selection route, eating and drinking transportation and tour program are prepared in the best way. After all conditions are met, the boat rental contract is delivered to you via fax or mail. In order to complete the reservation process, at least 50% of the boat rental fee will be paid to one of our bank accounts and a confirmation will be made after confirmation fax.

Boat rental reservation cancellation:
In the case of boat rentals, cancellation of reservations is made by taking into consideration the following points.

1.For cancellations made up to 90 days before the tour, 20% of the tour price is canceled and canceled.
2.In the cancellations made 60 days prior to the tour date, 30% of the tour price is canceled and canceled.
3.Cancellations made in 30 days before the tour date will not be refunded, but our guests can use the same boat or other     boat in the next year to cancel the 30% of the total tour cost.
4.In case of cancellations made 14 days before the tour date, the total price of the tour is requested.

Tour cancellations, reimbursement; 30 days after the cancellation date.

Our commitments:
The service guarantee we offer at Bella Yachting is in line with quality service obligations. The reservations and agreements concluded as Bella Yachting have been realized by taking into consideration the agreements and conditions determined in accordance with Turkish Laws. In case the service to be offered cannot be provided for any reason other than our company (boat failure, air opposition etc.), Bella Yachting is obliged to offer the opportunity to continue your holiday with a precedent boat with the same quality and comfort within 24 hours.

All boats we use are under insurance coverage. You can benefit from the third party part of the insurances made in our esteemed guests. But as Bella Yachting we; we recommend that you have a more comprehensive personal travel insurance.

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