Cheap Gulets

The gulets that many people associate with myths and tradition of ocean adventures are becoming a trend in the boating sector. The classic lines and shapes of schooners make it irresistible for many sailors. They are however sometimes very complex, being technically aging boats that require great skill to maintain and sail. A Turkish schooner is traditionally a motor yacht with a sail built in wood for cruising in the warm waters of the eastern Mediterranean. These boats are built to center on deck during the trip. It usually contains spacious decks, a large living space (usually) and lounging area being the main features. However, the new generation Gulets are built with advanced technology and they all come with full air conditioning, hot and cold water, even with jacuzzi on board. they are the schooner version of Rolls Royce.

Turkish schooners are recently regarded as the most seaworthy and spacious leisure schooners, since Gulets carry the characteristics of both worlds such as luxury amenities and the spacious comfort of a motor boat and the quiet serenity sailing them in the sea with style and luxury.

When opting towards buying a cheap gullet, you should know what you are getting yourself into. The truth of gulets is basically complex equipment, wooden hulls and complicated sailing configurations that makes schooners very complicated and expensive boats to own. The large size of the boats also ramps up costs and increases the maintenance costs at the marina. You must make a business plan to buy and finance a gulet. Your plan must take into account the cost of finding a useful cheap gulet, repairing any damage or problems, keeping the boat in the water and, finally, sailing the boat. And that’s where Bella Yachting comes with its experienced team of professionals.

We can offer you the most appropriate classic or modern schooner design for sale that could meet your expectations, be it western epoxy laminate system, mahogany hull or high strength steel hulled schooners.

You are welcome to visit and try these beautiful schooners for sale, let us know the size and price range you could consider and let us take care of the rest to make sure we have enough schooners for sale to meet your needs.

We are accustomed to having some sort of test for schooners for sale to be uploaded to our portfolio to protect the interests and rights of our customers. Anyway, our captains will accompany you to the marina when you decide to buy a used schooner for sale, and they will accompany you to the yard during the review to build a new schooner as a custom-built. We would like to invite our guests to have a pleasant stay in Turkey and have a look at our schooners for sale so thqt they could choose from one of our hundreds of the new, custom built, or second hand schooners. You can send your e-mail with your preferences, so that we can provide you with the information you need for your new endeavor.

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